Sorry We Missed You is a British film by Ken Loach about a married couple, with children trying, to make ends meet in England. The film is highly captivating from the word ‘Go’ and has some amazing emotional and dramatic moments that will linger in one’s mind for a long time. What really stands out in the film is that it throws light on the ills of the ‘Zero-hour contract’ policy. The manner in which the hubby has to sacrifice his personal life to meet his delivery targets and the wife too has to do the same to meet her ill clients hits viewers like a ton of bricks. Kris Hitchen performs his role with utmost perfection. Debbie Honeywood is a bit raw in some scenes but later viewers warm up to her part. Rhys Stone is excellent as the rebellious son and his track too is quite significant in the film. Katie Proctor is lovely as the daughter. All in all, do give Sorry We Missed You a chance if possible and you won’t regret!

My rating – **** out of 5!

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