(Crisp) Movie Review: MUMBAI PUNE MUMBAI 3 by FENIL SETA

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 is a feel-good flick and it’s good to see that the franchise thankfully has come back on the right track. The first part, Mumbai Pune Mumbai, was a classic. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 however was a big disappointment. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 is not as great as part 1 but not bad as its predecessor as well. The premise is very relatable and nicely handled. The tussle between the values of older generation versus the demands of the modern life makes for a nice watch. The dialogues by Ashwini Shende and Pallavi Rajwade are hilarious and bring the house down. Director Satish Rajwade also does a fine job as always. Sadly, the film is stretched needlessly. This 142 minute long film ideally should have been a 2 hour fare. It significantly dilutes the impact. Talking of performances, Swapnil Joshi is smashing in the role of Gautam. The character is very entertaining and he plays the part flawlessly. Mukta Barve also does total justice. Her dialogue delivery really stands out and not just her fine performance. Prashant Damle, Mangal Kenkre, Vijay Kenkre, Savita Prabhune and Rupal Nand are also excellent. All in all, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 is definitely a one-time watch and here’s hoping that when Satish Rajwade makes part 4, he keeps the duration in check. After all, one of the reasons the first part worked so well was thanks to the length (1 hrs 42 mins)!

My rating – *** out of 5!

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