(Crisp) Movie Review: KEDARNATH by FENIL SETA

Kedarnath has its moments and the USP of the film – the flood sequences – are excellent and terrifying. Sadly the film takes too long to come to the point. The premise is nothing new and is predictable. The love story is strictly okay and except for a few scenes, it doesn’t involve audiences. Technically the film is very strong, be it the cinematography, VFX, sound design etc. Sushant Singh Rajput gets into the skin of his character physically. Carrying people on his back on a cold hilly region multiple times is no cakewalk. Performance wise he could have been better and his dialogue delivery could have been clearer in the initial scenes but a fine job overall! Sara Ali Khan does a smashing debut and she’s here to stay! What a performance! Nishant Dahiya is decent while Nitesh Bharadwaj is subtle. Alka Amin and Pooja Gor leave a mark. The ‘Namo Namo’ song is very well shot and ‘Jaan Nisaar’ is very touching. All in all, average flick!

My rating – ** ½ out of 5!

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