Avengers: Infinity War is a legendary piece of cinema that would be remembered for years as it brings together so many superheroes seamlessly. There is no build up as such – the madness begins from the first scene itself and continues right till the end. The 149 minute entertainer is filled with some brilliant funny, emotional and dramatic moments that keep the interest going. At a few places, it did become predictable and the pace did drop towards the finale. But these are minor goofs and those waiting for this film desperately will be in for a treat! It will be difficult to talk about the performances as there are so many actors and all of them perform brilliantly. And each and every one of them has got sufficient screen space – that’s really commendable. Honestly, I haven’t seen all the parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and hence a few things did go over my head. I sincerely hope to watch all the 19-20 parts of this series (including the current one) before the next Avengers releases in 2019. This series is really getting better and if Avengers: Infinity War is so awesome, one can’t help but expect Avengers 4 to be even better! Bring it on!

My rating – **** ½ out of 5!

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