(Crisp) Movie Review: THE FALL GUY by FENIL SETA

The Fall Guy is the story of a stuntman and how he gets into deep trouble. The film is a non-stop entertainer and is peppered with funny and great action-packed scenes. The direction is also quite creative; the split-screen and unicorn bit, for instance, proves that the makers have gone all out to give a novel experience to the viewers. The chemistry between the leads is electrifying and the homage to the action team in the end credits is touching. On the flipside, the beginning is very rushed. A scene between the stunt man and female lead is forced. Also, the film gets silly in places. Ryan Gosling, as always, looks dashing and is apt for the role. His performance seems effortless and his styling is spot-on. Emily Blunt adds to the fun and madness. Her comic timing is great and watch out for her in the emotional scenes. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Tom Ryder), Winston Duke (Dan Tucker), Hannah Waddingham (Gail) and Stephanie Hsu (Alma Milan; Tom’s PA) lend able support. Teresa Palmer (Iggy Starr) is wasted. All in all, The Fall Guy is a clean entertainer and worth watching in cinemas.

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