Laapataa Ladies rests on a very amusing premise. The writers and director Kiran Rao pepper the narrative with lots of entertaining scenes and one-liners, none of which look forced. Slowly, the makers raise some important social issues plaguing the society. The climax is clapworhy and the film ends on a great note. The length is an issue and also, a few questions remain unanswered. The track of MLA was unnecessary. The leading ladies of Laapataa Ladies, Nitanshi Goel (Phool) and Pratibha Ranta (Pushpa), are superb and win hearts with their innocence and confidence respectively along with supreme acting talent. Sparsh Shrivastava, too, puts his best foot forward. Ravi Kishan is highly entertaining and only he could have pulled off this role. Chhaya Kadam is a surprise and delivers a National Award-worthy performance. Rachna Gupta (Poonam; Bhabhi) and Geeta Agrawal Sharma (Yashoda; Deepak’s mother) leave a mark. Satendra Soni (Chotu) and Abeer Jain (Bablu) are adorable. All in all, Laapataa Ladies is a well-intentioned film and deserves to find an audience. Kudos to Aamir Khan for yet again backing a great entertainer with a social message!

One thought on “(Crisp) Movie Review: LAAPATAA LADIES by FENIL SETA

  1. A delightful watch with heartwarming performances! 🌟❤️ Laapataa Ladies tackles social issues with humor and sincerity. A few flaws, but overall, a commendable effort. 👏🎥

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