(Crisp) Movie Review: AAVESHAM by FENIL SETA

Aavesham is a recently-released Malayalam film that is running very successfully in cinemas. It is the story of three students and the bond they share with a local gangster. The film starts on a rocking note and gets better once Fahadh Faasil makes an entry. From here on until the intermission, there’s no dull moment. The intermission point is clapworthy. After the intermission, the film drops. One wonders where the film is heading. Thankfully, the pre-climax and climax are worth it. The final scene could have been better. Fahadh Faasil, as expected, takes the film to dizzying heights. Even when the film gets a bit dragging, his performance saves the day. Hipster (Aju), Mithun Jai Shankar (Bibi) and Roshan Shahnavaz (Shanthan) play the supporting parts ably. Sajin Gopu (Amban) and Krishna Kumar (Nanjappa) leave a huge mark. Mansoor Ali Khan (Reddy) is okay. The song and background score are catchy, with ‘Illuminati’ being the best of the lot. All in all, Aavesham is a complete mass entertainer.

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