Swwapnil Joshi’s ‘1 OTT’ joins hands with Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International for quality content

The ‘1 OTT’ app, (Bharat Ka Apna Mobile OTT) a hybrid regional streaming platform, is joining hands with Whistling Woods International (WWI) film communication and creative art institute, to telecast the films made in various language by the students of the latter on the OTT platform. Whistling Woods International’s founder and Chairman Subhash Ghai and 1 OTT’s founders, Narendra Firodia and Swwapnil Joshi made the announcement.

Some of the films to be telecast on ‘1 OTT’ were made by some of the leading directors in the films industry as the students of the WWI a few years ago. WWI will provide ‘1 OTT’ with fresh and entertaining content developed by its students.

‘1 OTT’ is a venture by actor Swwapnil Joshi and industrialist-philanthropist Narendra Firodia, ‘1 OTT’ is widely known as Bharat Ka Apna Mobile OTT. Along with the Narendra Firodia and Swwapnil Joshi the 1OTT platform has been supported by noted name in DTL activation Vinayak Satpute with founder members Venkatesh Shrinivasan, Rajiv Jani, leading banker Satish Utekar and noted name in entertainment industry Chetan Maniar.

While speaking about the joint venture Subhash Ghai, the showman of Bollywood and Chairman of Whistling Woods International, said, “There are more than 10,000 scripts from our ancient era, from Walmiki to Tulsidas, but only 2000 of them have been converted into films. The acting school founded by us is to cater to this untapped stuff. I will keep producing films in my second half of the life. I keep telling my students at Whistling Woods to work on the untapped stories and understand their nuances, the point of view behind them. I can proudly say that my students have been working on it for last 15 years. I am proud to be associated with ‘1OTT’ because it will give recognition to my students and budding talent by showcasing their works through mobile App.”

“I used to make films in Hindi, but today the films are produced in various Indian languages and they are doing good amount of business. Now, you cannot make films any one particular language, but they have to be in maximum Indian languages and it is the future of the film industry. The changes we have witnessed in last two decades have stormed the film industry. I am happy to learn about the OTT App my friend Swwapnil has come up with to cater to various Indian languages. Though India has various languages, we have more than 5000 dialects in use and we should always keep it in mind while producing content,” said Ghai.

Swwapnil Joshi said, “We are thankful to Whistling Woods and Subhash Ghai ji for this association which is just the beginning of very long-term partnership. Through this partnership audience will get an opportunity to watch the very first projects of now well-known directors in Bollywood. These films are from all genres and are made by the students of Whistling Woods. It’s a great platter of entertaining cinema for the audience. They are in 4 to 5 Indian languages, and of course in English.”

Swwapnil Joshi has thanked Whistling Woods International for the association with ‘1 OTT’ and Ghai for gracing the occasion. “I thank Ghai sir for having shown faith in an upcoming platform like us. It swells our hearth with pride and gives us a lot of positivity and encouragement to do bigger and better projects in the future. When you think about the legendary director Ghai saab, the first and foremost words come to your mind are craftmanship, grandeur, storytelling, world class stuff among others,” he said.

Narendra Firodia said, “India is a huge market for the contents on OTT and it has been proven in the last two years. Since the regional languages were not getting the due participation on these platforms, we decided to launch ‘1 OTT’ for the content in Indian languages. The platform will benefit the contents from all the Indian languages. We are aiming at giving quality content in Indian languages to our viewers and that way it will be India’s OTT. The joint venture with WWI is nothing but showcasing the upcoming and one of the best talents from industry on this platform.”

Chetan Maniar said, “We at 1 OTT, a hybrid regional streaming platform are very pleased to announce the tie up with Whistling Woods International which is Film Communication and Creative art institute located in Mumbai promoted by the Mr Subhash Ghai. Whistling Woods will provide 1OTT with fresh and entertaining content developed by its students. In my personal opinion there shall be lots of opportunities created within the industry. The synergy creates an ecosystem that allows aspiring content creators to showcase their talents and viewers getting fresher content to view. 1OTT looks forward to this new initiative which we are certain will be of mutual benefit. In many ways it’s a perfect fit.”

After the logo of ‘1 OTT’ was launched by Maharashtra governor B S Koshyari in January, the OTT platform joined hands with Padhega Bharat drive in February to offer the syllabus for students of Classes V to X on the digital platform. The 1 OTT platform will cater to the regional content covering all major Indian language to become truly ‘Apne Bharat Ka Apna Mobile TV’. The platform will prove the OTT of India by telecasting films and series in regional languages including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali among others.

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