(Crisp) Movie Review: ONE FINE NIGHT – 2 by FENIL SETA

One Fine Night – 2 is a short film by Rantu Chetia which was released on YouTube on February 12, 2019 by ‘Monk Creations’ channel. It is the second part of the ‘One Fight Night’ series and those who have seen the first one would know how it’s going to flow. In that regard, the shock value of first part is definitely missing. Those who haven’t seen it might not see the twist coming in this film. But for those who know what’s going to happen next will still enjoy this 10 minute 47 second short film. It’s simplistic as compared to the first part but one wishes if the dialogues had more depth. The finale however is funny and even scary. It is a fine idea but one wishes if it was explored a bit more for the shock value. Talking of performances, both Yogendra Vikram Singh and Hima Singh score yet again with their first-rate performances. Do give this film a try and yes, this film also gives a great, legit way of earning some money. See it to believe it!

My rating – *** out of 5!

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