Sushant Singh Rajput’s column on Budapest experience will make you smile!

The shoot of Raabta is over and the film was in the news more for the alleged link up of it’s leading actors Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon. Each interview or article of both these actors was almost always accompanied by speculations whether they are dating. Hence, it was refreshing to read something about Sushant that no way dealt with these speculations at all for a change. We are talking about a column written by Sushant in a leading tabloid about his experience of shooting the film in Budapest, Hungary. And it’s something that one must read!

He begins by saying that April, May and June are the hottest months in Budapest but he didn’t feel like it at all. At times, the night used to be freezing and sometimes, it rained heavily. He considers himself lucky that he saw all weathers during his 3 month stay.

He reveals that he arrived in Budapest 2 weeks before Raabta rolled. Surprisingly, the first thing he did was to hire a boat. He went north and reached an uninhabited island that was hill shaped. He loved the experience so much that he went there five times during his stay.

He loved the city and it’s attractions. In fact, he visited places like the chain bridge, the Opera House, the Parliament, Matthias church and the Thermal Bath several times. He was impressed with Millennium Underground Railway, one of the second oldest metro systems in the world, although he found it a little claustrophobic. He got so involved with Budapest that he admits that he almost brought a property there!

Sushant credits the locals out there for not interfering with the shoot. He opens up that the chilled out locals would stop, quietly see the shoot, smile at the actors and then move on! He met Indians and Middle Easterners occasionally and they recognized him obviously. But the experience was pleasant and he was never mobbed. He also praises the local crew for working professionally and carrying out the work seamlessly. In fact, he bonded with Tara, his stunt coordinator’s daughter. He was feeling low as he was doing an extremely emotional scene. That’s when he saw Tara looking at him, sporting in his words with “the most amazing smile.” He called her and they bonded instantly, without knowing the language. He also feels proud that he was able to bond with director Homi Adajania’s son Zane. He calls him “the coolest rockstar I’ve ever met.” Zane has a natural swag and knows how to sing but it’s difficult to impress him. But Sushant claims that he managed to do so and even became his best friend!

He then adds that he misses the room in his hotel Marriott. The room overlooked a river and he would sit there for hours having coffee, learning to play the guitar or just sit there and do nothing. The other way of enjoying for Sushant was to go bar hopping. After all, Budapest is known for its night life and Hungarians know how to celebrate life. He used to rent out bicycle but then bought one as it was a cheaper alternative. Once he had his cycle, he ride it for hours aimlessly, with his backpack and headphones. He mentions that Pest-Buda Bistro was his favourite and it’s in Budapest where he had the most delicious ice cream!

Finally, he tells that visiting the Hans Zimmer concert was unforgettable and loved the way the ‘magician’ work his magic in front of his eyes!

Picture courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

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