Katrina Kaif drops the plan to buy a bungalow in Mumbai?

Buying a property is no cakewalk in Mumbai, even if you are one of the biggest actresses. Katrina Kaif had admitted that in the past that she’ll like to buy a bungalow in the city but if reports are to be believed, then she has dropped plans to buy one. The report claims 2 reasons for Katrina to take the decision. Firstly, she is not happy by the way her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor turned out to be. Shockingly, the report mentions that Katrina is not sure if she wants to stay in the city permanently. The second reason is that buying a bungalow didn’t make sense to her, even for investment purposes. In fact, Katrina might still buy a fancy property, but in some other city of the world.

The actress is all set to move out of the love nest (where she lived with Ranbir) and shift back to her previous residence – Guldev Sagar in Bandra – in October.

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