Fenil’s Bollywood Talk # 804


The much-awaited film Tiger 3 was finally released on Sunday, November 12. As predicted in last week’s edition, it crossed Gadar 2’s collections and opened at Rs. 42.25 crores. On Monday, the post-Diwali holiday, it saw a huge jump as it earned Rs. 57 crores. Tuesday was also a holiday and the film collected Rs. 42.50 crores. On Wednesday, it saw a drop due to the semi-final World Cup match between India vs New Zealand.

In four days, it collected Rs. 161.50 crores. The figures look fine in a way but it also gives the indication that the collections are not as per expectations. On the first day, the film was superb as it was Diwali day when a huge section of moviegoers stay away. The Monday collections were whopping but ideally, it should have gone above Rs. 60 crores. The drop on Tuesday was a little bit more. On Wednesday, too, it suffered a bigger fall. As per early estimates, the collections on Thursday will be around Rs. 13-14 crores. This means that the five-day collections are around Rs. 175 crores.

All eyes are now on Friday, November 17. It needs to hold well and hopefully, the collections should double on Saturday. The collections will be heavily affected on Sunday since it’s the day the final match of the World Cup will be held. As a result, many moviegoers would catch Tiger 3 on Saturday instead of Sunday. The weekday collections should also be steady.

But looking at the trend, it seems like the film will face a task to cross the Rs. 300 crore mark. This has mainly happened due to a mixed word of mouth. Had the word of mouth been positive, Tiger 3 would have gone to another level and even crossed the Rs. 300 crore or at least Rs. 275 crore mark by Saturday, keeping in mind the trend that films like Jawan, Pathaan and Gadar 2 followed.

Meanwhile, Khichdi 2 will release tomorrow. It is based on the classic TV show of the same name and stars Supriya Pathak Kapur, Rajeev Mehta, Anang Desai, Vandana Pathak, J D Majethia and Kirti Kulhari. Pratik Gandhi features in a special appearance. The first part, Khichdi The Movie, opened at Rs. 63 lakhs and had a lifetime of Rs. 5.95 crores.

Khichdi 2’s buzz is limited but there’s an excitement to catch the movie among a section of the audience. Hence, the film has got a few bookings. It should hopefully open at Rs. 1 crore and collections should jump to Rs. 2 crores on Saturday. Sunday will be poor but if it can hold at Friday levels in the weekdays, it can emerge as a decent hit. The film is made at reasonable collections and must have recovered its investment from the sale of TV and OTT rights. As a result, it’ll make a profit for the investors.

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