(Crisp) Movie Review: VAALVI by FENIL SETA

Vaalvi is a Marathi comic thriller starring Swwapnil Joshi. It is directed by Paresh Mokashi of Harsichandrachi Factory fame. The film starts without wasting any time. There’s no character introduction or anything of the sort. The story begins from the first frame and one discovers the characters as well as the plot as the film progresses. The first half is a bit slow but it’s engaging as the story is quite novel. The twist at the interval point is excellent. Post-interval, the film goes on a high and turns out to be a thoroughly entertaining and mad ride. Madhugandha Kulkarni and Paresh Mokashi have penned a superb script that is unpredictable and also very wacky. Their dialogues enhance the entertainment quotient. Logic, however, takes a backseat but that’s a very minor shortcoming. Speaking of performances, Swwapnil Joshi as always is in top form. Subodh Bhave has a late entry but he rocks the show. Anita Date leaves a huge mark while Shivani Surve is dependable. All in all, Vaalvi shouldn’t be missed!

My rating – **** out of 5!

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