(Crisp) Movie Review: THE EQUALIZER 3 by FENIL SETA

The Equalizer 3 has some great characters and setting but the writer and director fail to do justice. I have never been a fan of the series. The first part was fun, though not extraordinary, while the sequel disappointed as it had too many subplots. As for The Equalizer 3, it suffers majorly due to limited action. So much could have been done but the makers let go of the opportunity. Moreover, the plot reminds one of films like Sholay, Ghulam, Ghatak, Jajantaram Mamantaram etc. It’s cliched and we have seen such films before. Denzel Washington saves the show with his performance. Robert Richardson‘s cinematography also makes the film watchable and will make you feel like packing your bags and heading to Italy. Dakota Fanning is fine. Remo Girone (Dr Enzo), Gaia Scodellaro (Aminah) and Andrea Dodero (Marco Quaranta) leave a mark. The others are just okay. All in all, The Equalizer 3 is disappointing.

My rating – ** out of 5!

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