(Crisp) Movie Review: NAAL 2 by FENIL SETA

Naal 2 is the sequel to the super-hit 2018 Marathi film Naal. It takes the story forward from the first part. The narrative hardly moves in the first hour and this is a major minus point. Thankfully, a lot happens in the second half. The climax is nail-biting while the last scene is touching. Rural life has been depicted beautifully. The film belongs to the child actors – Shriniwas Pokale (Chaitya), Trisha Thosar (Chimi) and Bhargav Jagtap (Mani). Their performances are outstanding, to say the least, and they take the film to another level. Nagraj Manjule (also the director of Sairat and Jhund) is natural. Jitendra Joshi is dependable but gets limited scope. Devika Daftardar (Sumi), Deepti Devi (Parvati) and Bhushan Manjule leave a mark. All in all, Naal 2 is a touching and sweet film.

My rating – *** ½ out of 5!

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