(Crisp) Movie Review: MISSION MAJNU by FENIL SETA

Mission Majnu, which was released today on Netflix, tells a very important story from the chapters of Indian history. The backdrop is neatly explained in the first few minutes and once the mission begins, the film makes for a great watch. It’s interesting to see how the spy protagonist uses his intelligence to gather evidence against Pakistan. There’s also humour associated with these scenes and it works. The climax is gripping and very moving. On the flipside, a few scenes are very convenient and not very convincing. The songs fail to work. Even the patriotic song ‘Maati Ko Maa’, though well-intentioned, doesn’t have the desired impact. Speaking of performances, Sidharth Malhotra delivers yet another fabulous performance after Shershaah. He has that innocence due to which he’s apt for the scenes where he pretends to be a good-natured common man. Rashmika Mandanna does much better than her last Hindi outing, Goodbye. Her screen time is limited but her track is crucial. Sharib Hashmi, as always, is very entertaining. Kumud Mishra (Maulavi) is a surprise and adds to the fun in the second half. Zakir Hussain is superb. The other actors who leave a mark are Avijit Dutt (Morarji Desai), Shishir Sharma (Maqsood Alam), Mir Sarwar (Abdul Qadeer Khan), Rajit Kapur (PM Bhutto), Parmeet Sethi (R N Kao) and Manoj Bakshi (Momin). All in all, Mission Majnu is a well-made patriotic entertainer. Don’t miss!

My rating – *** ½ out of 5!

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