(Crisp) Movie Review: GONE KESH by FENIL SETA

Gone Kesh is a small film with a big heart. It tells the story of a young Siliguri girl who is diagnosed with alopecia, a condition that leads to loss of hair. The idea is novel and never before used in a Hindi film as a principle plot as far as I know. Also, the principle characters are lovely and endearing. The parents are supportive of the daughter and the way they treat her is heartwarming. Also, it’s interesting to see the father selling watches on the street for a living. On the flipside, the film is a bit dragging. The film also inches towards the (justified) finale quite slowly. The non-linear narrative at times takes a toll as for a few seconds or even minutes, one might not realize when the flashback has ended. There’s also one smaller hiccup in the end but it can’t be shared as it would be a spoiler. Shweta Tripathi however has rocked the show and it’s praiseworthy how she effortlessly handles the difficult lead character. The character is difficult but she gives her best. And her smile is to die for! Vipin Sharma is sincere and quite likeable. Deepika Amin is excellent as the supportive mother. Jitendra Kumar suits the part and does well. All in all, Gone Kesh is a genuine effort and deserves to be seen and supported!

My rating – *** out of 5!

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