(Crisp) Movie Review: BHARAT by FENIL SETA

Bharat tries to do something different but this unconventional entertainer doesn’t make the desired impact. Talking about the negatives, various developments in the film are quite unconvincing. The family element is supposed to be the pillar of the film but for most parts, it doesn’t come out well. There are too many tracks and characters, a few of which are wasted. Humour and patriotism are forced. On the positive side, the emotional moments are superlative with the pre-climax being the best part of the film. And the performances are exemplary. Salman Khan is in great form and it’s one of his most accomplished works. His young, middle-aged and old avatars are all rocking and fans would love it. Katrina Kaif, after Zero, delivers a yet another fine performance. But in the older portions, she doesn’t seem convincing, just in terms of look. Sunil Grover has a very lengthy role and is quite likeable. Jackie Shroff is hardly there but he has a significant part to essay and does fine. Disha Patani is sizzling and one wishes she had lengthier and most justifiable role. Tabu is too good in a cameo. Satish Kaushik is the funniest actor in the film. Nora Fatehi is wasted. Sonali Kulkarni, Brijendra Kala, Aasif Shaikh and Rajiv Gupta leave a mark. Songs also aren’t that great, with only ‘Slow Motion’ standing out. All in all, Bharat is an average fare and go for it, but not with too many high expectations!

My rating – ** ½ out of 5!

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