Beyond The Clouds is an entertaining and touching saga that is bound to move and touch viewers. The first half shockingly is shaky at many places and director Majid Majidi doesn’t seem to be in control of his content. But it has some great sequences that set a balance and in the second half, the film gets much, much better. Majid Majidi’s direction has some glitches but overall it’s simple and heartening and once again, he manages to extract some great performances from his child actors. But the actor who steals the show is undoubtedly Ishaan Khatter. He has the ‘aam aadmi look’ and hence suits the character to the T, look wise. And talking about his performance, he’s confident and first-rate. Also check out his dance moves which come up unexpectedly in a crucial scene. This guy is a star and if he has done so well here, one can’t help but expect a lot from Dhadak, which will be a true-blue commercial Hindi film. Malavika Mohanan gets a bit overboard in an initial scene but later on, she gives a fine performance. G V Sharada (Jhumpa) is marvelous and moreover, she has such sad eyes that one can’t help but sympathize with her. Dhwani Rajesh (Tanisha) also does well. A R Rahman’s music is subtle though this won’t be counted as one of his memorable works. Anil Mehta’s cinematography is terrific, as always. Do give Beyond The Clouds a chance and you’ll surely won’t be disappointed!

My rating – *** ½ out of 5!

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