(Crisp) Movie Review: ATLAS by FENIL SETA

Atlas, which has released today on Netflix, is about an analyst, with a dark past, who is on an inhospitable planet to capture an ‘AI terrorist’. The film wastes no time and gets straight to the point. Despite being a sci-fi film, the focus is not on showing how amazing VFX they boast of. Instead, the most memorable aspect of the film is the bond shared by the protagonist with her AI system. However, the film is full of difficult-to-digest moments and this hampers the impact to a great extent. Certain developments also seem superficial. Jennifer Lopez, however, rocks the show. She plays a difficult role with perfection. Abraham Popoola (Casca Vix) comes next and leaves a mark. Simu Liu (Harlan) is decent as the main antagonist. Sterling K Brown (Colonel Elias Banks) and Mark Strong (General Jake Boothe) lend able support. Finally, Gregory James Cohan is terrific as the voice of Smith. All in all, Atlas is an okay film.

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