Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is a prequel to the much-loved Mad Max: Fury Road. The first 20 minutes are epic and despite a run of 145 minutes, it doesn’t get boring. A few action scenes are stunning and the breathtaking cinematography adds to the impact. Also, since it’s a prequel, one knows what happened at a certain point in the story. Yet, it doesn’t get predictable. On the flipside, there are gaps in the narrative. Developments happen and are not explained or their consequence is not shown. Moreover, after an epic intro, none of the scenes are able to match up to it. The climax also lacks the punch. In fact, the action loses its sheen after a point. Anya Taylor-Joy is terrific as the lead and special mention should also go to Alyla Browne for playing the young Furiosa perfectly. Chris Hemsworth essays an over-the-top character. But he performs it convincingly. Tom Burke (Praetorian Jack) is impressive in a supporting role. Charlee Fraser (Furiosa’s mother) shines in a cameo while Lachy Hulme (Immortan Joe) is okay. All in all, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is an average flick and nowhere close to the earlier film in the series.

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