(Crisp) Movie Review: BHAIYYA JI by FENIL SETA

Bhaiyya Ji has a depressing but engaging start. The film then shows its real massy side and it is quite clapworthy. It gives a John Wick déjà vu  but that’s fine as the treatment is different. Once the hero and villain confront each other, one expects fireworks. Sadly, the film goes downhill from here on. There are flaws in the script and moreover, the action scenes are not well stitched together. The second half is shorter and could have had an even lesser run time if some unwanted scenes were done away with. Speaking of performances, Manoj Bajpayee gets into the massy action zone for the first time and he rocks the show. Suvinder Vicky and Jatin Goswami are quite good as the antagonists. Zoya Hussain doesn’t have much to do initially but in the second half, she leaves a huge mark. Vipin Sharma and Jai Hind (Pandit) raise laughs. All in all, Bhaiyya Ji had the potential but fails to impress.

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