(Crisp) Movie Review: ARGYLLE by FENIL SETA

Argylle starts with a promise that it’s just not another spy entertainer. The storyline is novel and hence, the goings-on initially are very amusing and entertaining. Matthew Vaughn is known for his remarkable direction and his trademark stamp is visible in some scenes. But the way the film falls in the second half will leave the audience shocked. It becomes cliched and childish. All the unique factors go out of the window. Bryce Dallas Howard is great in the lead part while Sam Rockwell, as expected, is dependable. Samuel L Jackson is damn good, as always. Henry Cavill looks dashing but is hardly there. Even a talent like Ariana DeBose is wasted. Dua Lipa, however, is rocking in a cameo. All in all, Argylle is a waste of a great opportunity.

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