Fenil’s Bollywood Talk # 795


Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Jawan, as expected, has emerged as a huge blockbuster. In last week’s edition, we had predicted that the film would open at around Rs. 65 crores and its weekend earnings would be in the range of Rs. 225 crores and Rs. 250 crores. And that’s what happened. Jawan’s first-day collections were a huge Rs. 65 crores. Since it was a Thursday release, the collections dropped on Friday, a working day, to Rs. 46 crores. The film jumped on Saturday, earning Rs. 67 crores. There was a crucial match on Sunday between India and Pakistan. Hence, many expected the collections to drop. Surprisingly, Sunday was better than Sunday. Jawan became the first film to earn as much as Rs. 70.50 crores in a day in a single language! As predicted, its four-day collections were Rs. 248.50 crores.

Jawan saw a normal drop of Rs. 29.50 crores and Rs. 23.75 crores on Monday and Tuesday respectively. If all goes well, it will collect around Rs. 340 crores in its extended week. All eyes are now already on Friday. If Jawan does well in the evening and night shows on the second Friday, it means it’ll see a huge jump on Saturday and Sunday yet again. This means that by Sunday, it’ll enter the Rs. 400 crores club.

Pathaan, which was released earlier this year, collected Rs. 512.76 crores and became an all-time grosser. Gadar 2 has collected Rs. 507.95 crores until Sunday and still has gas left in its tank. It’s expected to collect around Rs. 520 crores and thus cross Pathaan’s earnings. And if all goes well, Jawan will beat Gadar 2 and emerge as the biggest Bollywood hit ever. This also means that 2023 will see 3 Rs. 500 crore grossers. This is an unimaginable feat. It’s also probably for the first time that three films will enjoy the tag of being an all-time grosser in a single year.

Of course, this all depends on whether Jawan manages to cross Gadar 2’s earnings. However, looking at the trend and the incredible word of mouth, the possibility is very much there.

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