The Garfield Movie starts with a bang and the fun continues till the very end. The plot is superb and the makers pepper the narrative with loads of funny and adventurous moments. The father-son bond and the bond shared by Garfield and the dog contribute a lot. The villain, however, is the weakest part of the enterprise. Also, a few aspects are unimaginative (the acorn bit, for example). The voiceover by Chris Pratt (Garfield) is terrific. He brings out the right attitude. Samuel L Jackson (Vic) comes next followed by Ving Rhames (Otto). Hannah Waddingham (Jinx) does well but is let down by the character. Cecily Strong (Marge Melone) does better in being a scary character. All in all, The Garfield Movie is a superb entertainer for the whole family. It releases in India today, that is, a week before its release in North America.

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