(Crisp) Movie Review: IF by FENIL SETA

If is the story of a girl who has the ability to see people’s IFs (imaginary friends). The concept is solid and unique. A few moments are lovely and will touch the hearts of the moviegoers. The number of prominent actors that are a part of the cast and voice cast is also appealing. However, the concept is very confusing. Forget kids, even adults would be left scratching their kids in some scenes. Secondly, the film doesn’t have the ‘Wow’ factor. Lastly, the climax is predictable. Ryan Reynolds, however, is superb and makes the film better. Cailey Fleming (Bea) plays a difficult role with ease. John Krasinski is adorable in a special appearance. Fiona Shaw (Grandmother) leaves a mark in the second half. From the voice cast, Steve Carell (Blue) rocks the show followed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Blossom). Louis Gossett Jr (Lewis; bear), Emily Blunt (Unicorn), Sam Rockwell (Guardian Dog), Awkwafina (Bubble), George Clooney (Spaceman), and Bradley Cooper (Ice) also do well though their characters have cameos. All in all, If is an average flick due to the confusing narrative.

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