(Crisp) Movie Review: THE FIRST OMEN by FENIL SETA

The First Omen takes place before the events of the much-loved 1976 film The Omen. The story is quite impressive as it shows how the antichrist baby was planned and the reason behind it. The setting is eerie and the makers have peppered the film with many spooky moments. There’s an unexpected twist in the second half, which is unpredictable. On the flipside, a few scenes are very disturbing while some moments are convenient. The length is also a problem – the 123-minute-long film could have been shorter. Nell Tiger Free (Margaret Daino) plays the lead role with aplomb. Nicole Sorace (Carlita Skianna) leaves a huge mark, especially with her eyes. Ralph Ineson (Father Brennan), Sônia Braga (Sister Silvia), Maria Caballero (Luz), Tawfeek Barhom (Father Gabriel) and Andrea Arcangeli (Paolo) lend able support. All in all, The First Omen is worth watching, especially those who loved The Omen.

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