(Crisp) Movie Review: RANGEELA RAJA by FENIL SETA

Rangeela Raja is the most shocking film I have seen in a long time, or maybe in my life. In today’s times, filmmakers are wary of making adult comedies and showing regressive and objectionable stuff with regards to women. But Rangeela Raja crosses all lines and normalizes rape. The lead character is a rapist who can’t hear ‘No’ for an answer. And I was hoping that in the end, he’ll be arrested or at he’ll repent. But that doesn’t happen at all! He pretends to regret his action in front of his family and the survivor but the moment they turn around, he gets back to his old ways! I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears that something like this was even approved and then shot. I have never given zero stars to any film and needless to say, Rangeela Raja is the first one to get this ‘honour’!

My rating – 0 out of 5!

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