(Crisp) Movie Review: MUNJYA by FENIL SETA

Munjya belongs to the Stree-Bhediya universe and rests on a very interesting concept. There have been many films on ghosts and spirits but this one stands out. The first half, however, is weak as it’s too quick at times and some scenes and jokes don’t have the desired impact. The second half is where the film becomes better. The climax is gripping and has a lot of twists and turns. The film ends on an intriguing note. Speaking of performances, Sharvari doesn’t have much to do in the first half but she dominates after intermission. She is damn good in the climax. Abhay Verma gets into the skin of his character of an awkward boy. His body language, especially, is very convincing. Mona Singh is superb in a supporting role. Suhasini Joshi is adorable and one wishes she had more to do in the film. S Sathyaraj is very entertaining. Ajay Purkar (Balu Kaka) leaves a mark. Taranjot Singh (Spielberg) raises laughs while Bhagyashree Limaye (Rukku) and Richard Lovatt (Kuba) are okay. Ayush Ulagadde (child actor) makes his presence felt. All in all, Munjya is a decent entertainer and worth watching (P.S.: DO NOT miss the beginning and watch out for the mid-credit scene).

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