(Crisp) Movie Review: BAD BOYS: RIDE OR DIE by FENIL SETA

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die is as good as the earlier three parts and has ample action and humour. It is interesting to see how the lives of the protagonists change as they grow older, leading to more entertainment. The dialogues are one of the USPs while a couple of fight scenes stand out. The villain track, however, is the weakest part of the film that affects the impact. This is especially because in the last part, Bad Boys For Life, the antagonist’s angle was terrific. Martin Lawrence takes the cake this time as he provides the maximum laughs. Will Smith keeps it subtle and is impressive nevertheless. Eric Dane is okay as the villain and is let down by the writing. Joe Pantoliano (Captain Conrad), Eric Dane (James McGrath), Jacob Scipio (Armando), Ioan Gruffudd (Lockwood), Melanie Liburd (Christine), Paola Núñez (Rita), Alexander Ludwig (Dorn), Vanessa Hudgens (Kelly) and Quinn Hemphill (Callie) lend able support. Dennis Greene (Reggie McDonald) is the surprise of the film. All in all, Bad Boys: Ride Or Die fulfills expectations and is a must-watch for the fans of the series.

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