(Crisp) Movie Review: 2.0 by FENIL SETA

Watching 2.0 back-to-back – first, the 6 am Tamil show with die-hard Rajini fans at Mumbai’s Aurora cinema and then in Hindi – was an unforgettable experience. The film has loads and loads of entertainment, and an excellent social message too, and doesn’t bore even for a nanosecond! There’s no forced timepass or humour or even obstructing songs in this 150 minute long fare and the focus is solely on the story. Rajinikanth as expected is outstanding to say the least. In the second half, he’s an absolute riot and not just fans, even non-fans are bound to cheer for him. Akshay Kumar has limited screen time but his menacing looks and terrific performance is something to watch out for. He has some crucial sequences in the second half where he steals the show. Amy Jackson is the surprise package of the film and is highly entertaining. VFX is never before seen in an Indian film and it’s bound to leave viewers spellbound. Finally, director Shankar deserves all the praise. He knows the pulse of the audiences and gives them a film which is entertaining, massy and also touching. Bollywood has so much to learn from these excellent South directors. S S Rajamouli proved it with Baahubali and now Shankar just confirms it! All in all, 2.0 is the pride of India and missing it is a crime!

My rating – ***** out of 5!

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