Fenil’s Bollywood Talk # 545


The much-awaited film 2.0 is all set to release tomorrow, Thursday November 29. It feels surreal since the sci-fi flick has got delayed numerous times. A formal launch happened way back in October 2016 and that was when the film was scheduled to release in Diwali 2017. The date was then changed to Republic Day 2018 followed by April. Then some reports claimed that it might be out on Independence Day. Ultimately, November 29 was the release date locked for 2.0. Still many were skeptical that it won’t be able to make it on the said date, looking at its track record of getting postponed incessantly. Thankfully, there are no more delays and this film will be out in cinemas tomorrow, with shows starting as early as 5-6 am.

2.0 is the sequel to the much loved and successful Robot and stars Rajinikanth yet again in a leading role. The female lead is essayed by Amy Jackson while Akshay Kumar plays the negative lead. The storyline is brilliant – a monster emerges and takes away cell phones of the majority of the population and supposedly derives powers out of it. He’s quasi crow as well and hence, the villain can even fly and wreck further havoc. The teaser and trailer both are spectacular and out of the world. The level of VFX achieved in this film is never before seen in Indian cinema. Moreover, it also makes it a must on the big screen.

2.0 is a Tamil film and dubbed in various languages, including Hindi. The craze in the South, especially in Tamil Nadu, is unprecedented and the film will surely break records there. Even in Hindi, the buzz has been very strong. Also, a lot of people are dying to see a biggie in cinemas. Thugs Of Hindostan flopped and hence, many didn’t go for it. All those and the rest would surely flock to watch 2.0. What goes against the film is its high cost. It is close to Rs 500 crore and it’ll be a mammoth task to not only recover but also make it a profitable venture. Of course, they have recovered a major chunk by selling the various rights. But recovery through box office is what matters the most and 2.0 would have to earn really a lot in order to achieve that. In order to be a blockbuster, it need not just be a visual spectacle. It should appeal emotionally as well and it’s only when it’ll touch the hearts of the audiences that it’ll be able to excel. Thugs Of Hindostan failed heavily in that aspect – there was no emotional connect. Hence, 2.0 can also suffer a fate like Thugs Of Hindostan if it doesn’t appeal to the audiences.

Nevertheless, 2.0 releases on a Thursday and it’s bound to have a huge weekend in the Hindi version too. Trade pundits predict it’ll open at Rs. 30 crore tomorrow. I have my doubts and I feel at the max, the film can earn Rs. 24-25 crore. If word of mouth is positive, Friday can be huge and the film can touch and even cross the Rs. 40 crore mark on Saturday or Sunday. A Rs. 130-140 crore weekend would be ideal. With no strong competition for the next two weeks, 2.0’s Hindi version can safely cross Rs. 300 crore mark and if all goes great, it can even cross the Dangal’s figure of Rs. 374.53 crore!

A lot of hard work has gone into 2.0. Director Shankar is known for simple, effective and visually stunning films. Here’s hoping 2.0 turns out to be his best film ever and that it becomes biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema. Such films need to succeed as it’ll inspire more filmmakers to attempt such near-impossible ventures!


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