Silence 2: The Night Owl Bar Shootout, which has released today on Zee5, is the sequel to the 2021 OTT film, Silence: Can You Hear It? Even if you have not seen the earlier part, you can still understand the goings-on. The plot is captivating and director Aban Bharucha Deohans keeps the narrative simple. This is helpful as there are too many characters and hence, too many suspects. From the bar shootout, the plot takes a different turn. The Rajasthan episode is nail-biting while the suspense is unpredictable. However, the film suffers as it is too long, with a runtime of 142 minutes. A few developments are confusing. A crucial scene, related to the killer, is depicted in a very unconvincing manner. It takes the charm away from the build-up. Manoj Bajpayee, as always, is in great form. Prachi Desai slips into the role effortlessly. She deserves to be seen more and in well-etched roles. Sahil Vaid (Amit Chauhan) and Vaquar Shaikh (Raj Gupta) lend able support. Parul Gulati (Arti Singh) has a late entry but she leaves a huge mark. Dinker Sharma (Arjun Chouhan) plays a difficult role with conviction. The other actors who do well are Surbhi Rohra (Azma Khan), Ishika Mandeep Gagneja (Amisha), Chetan Sharma (Rizwan Shaikh), Shruti Bapna (Jaya Rawal), Randheer Rai (Gaurav; Jaipur resident), Rahul Chowdhry (Dr Saifuddin Qureshi), Mahi Jain (Rimjim), Padam Bhola (Rajeev Singh) and Ranjana Choudhary (Anika). Neena Kulkarni (Amisha’s grandmother) is lovely in a special appearance. All in all, Silence 2: The Night Owl Bar Shootout is an average whodunit.

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