(Crisp) Movie Review: MR & MRS MAHI by FENIL SETA

Mr & Mrs Mahi rests on an interesting idea. We have seen films about failed individuals coaching aspiring players to success. But here, the coach is the husband and that gives a novel touch. The first half has some sweet moments that keep the interest going. The intermission point is clapworthy. The second half, however, gets very predictable, probably as it comes at a time when we have seen too many sports films. A crucial character, which seemed to be there just for the heck of it initially, becomes very important. It happens too suddenly and hence, it’s unconvincing. Rajkummar Rao, however, is terrific as always. Janhvi Kapoor proves her worth yet again; she looks convincing in the scenes where she’s playing cricket. Kumud Mishra and Rajesh Sharma are dependable, as expected. Zarina Wahab is great but gets a raw deal. All in all, Mr & Mrs Mahi makes for a decent one-time watch.

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