(Crisp) Movie Review: 8 AM METRO by FENIL SETA

8 AM Metro is about two people who meet in a metro and form a strange, inexplicable bond. This is a small film with a big heart and makes for a nice, breezy watch thanks to its touching moments and performances. The manner in which the protagonists get closer to each other, one metro ride at a time, is sweet and convincing. The twist is unexpected. However, on the flipside, it’s 115 minutes long, and that’s quite a lot for a film like this. At several places, it drags. The happenings in the side track, meanwhile, are difficult to digest. Speaking of performances, Saiyami Kher gets into the skin of her character and delivers a fabulous performance. Gulshan Devaiah is superb as expected but this time, he surprises with his performance in the second half. It hits you for sure. Nimisha Nair (Riya) leaves a mark. Kalpika Ganesh (Mridula) has a fine screen presence. Umesh Kamat (Umesh) is decent. All in all, 8 AM Metro is a sweet, beautiful film and worth watching.

My rating – *** out of 5!

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