Teaser and poster of ONE-OF-ITS-KIND Marathi horror film, Kaaal, SPOOK the audiences!

Horror has been thriving in Bollywood but in Marathi cinema, very few such films have been attempted. D Sandeep has now taken up the challenge and his Marathi horror flick, Kaaal, is all set to release on January 24, 2020. The teaser was released on December 26 and has met with a great response.

What works in the teaser is that the film has a very realistic feel. Moreover, it is shot in a found footage style. It’s a sub genre in horror which was seen in some successful Hollywood films like Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, The Blair Witch Project etc. Closer home, Ragini MMS, a 2011 Hindi film produced by Ekta Kapoor, was entirely based on found footage style of filmmaking and is remembered even today. In Marathi cinema however, Kaaal is probably first such film and this surely gives it an edge.

Kaal is produced by Hemant Ruparel and Ranjit Thakur of Frames Production, Nitin Vaidya of Nitin Vaidya Production, D Sandeep of Kantilal Production along with Pravin Kharat and Anuj Adwani. The film stars Satish Gejage, Sanket Vishwasrao, Shreyas Behere, Rajkumar Jarange, Vaibhavi Chavan and Gayatri Chighlikar in pivotal roles.

D Sandeep, who’s not just the director but also the film’s co-producer, writer and editor, says that it wasn’t easy for him to venture into with a genre that rarely gets made in the Marathi film industry. But the filmmaker was determined thanks to certain real-life incidents that drove him to complete the film. He explains, “It was during my college years that I got interested in this genre thanks to Hollywood films on the subject. I did my research and am ready to present Kaaal to the audience now. I think the film will change the Marathi audience’s perception of the genre and pave way for more such films in the zone. So be ready to get scared on 24th January 2020!”

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