SHOCKING: Sunny Leone to do away with kissing in films?

Since Sunny Leone has been a porn star in the past, one assumes that she’ll be ready for a kiss in films which is not considered a bold thing nowadays on screen. And the actress has smooched almost all her co-stars and even shot for extremely intimate scenes. However, it’s changing now. Sunny wants to break-free of her erotic image. If reports are to believed, she won’t be part of lovemaking and even kissing scenes! In fact, the actress refused to kiss Rajniesh Duggall in Beiiman Love although the script demanded that she kissed him in several times over.

The no-kissing-clause seems to be in Sunny’s mind since a long time it seems. In the 2015 film Ek Paheli Leela, the actress refused lovemaking scenes with Mohit Ahlawat and insisted that her hubby Daniel Weber be brought in as body double. There were reports at that time she was not comfortable filming with Mohit. But with Rajniesh, she has always been comfortable and yet, she refraining from kissing him sent a lot of shockwaves.

What’s also shocking is that Sunny is known for her hot image. All the films she has done till now have portrayed Sunny as a sex bomb. It remains to be seen if viewers will accept Sunny in a sanskari avatar!

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