(Crisp) Movie Review: LOEV by FENIL SETA

Loev is a layered touching film and can’t be called just another film on homosexuals. The characters are not stereotyped and their emotions and conflicts, most of the times, are shown in a subtle manner. A lot has been left for the audience’s interpretation which is great but at some places, it confuses audiences as well. Shiv Pandit is exceptional. He has a great screen presence and this role required him to speak a lot through his silences. And he does so beautifully. Dhruv Ganesh is also superb – one can’t take one’s eyes off him. He too maintains a strong position of his own. It is unfortunate that this actor, who debuted in Teen Patti, is no more. Siddharth Menon raises laughs and also touches viewers in a small role. Sherri Kauk’s cinematography is too good – the Mahabaleshwar scenes are beautifully captured. Sudhanshu Saria’s direction is great and it is impressive how he managed to take so many long shots. He was present at the Q & A session post the screening and he revealed how he shot at Mumbai’s T2 airport without permission! Hats off!

My rating – *** out of 5!

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