(Crisp) Movie Review: HOME SWEET HOME by FENIL SETA

Home Sweet Home is a Marathi film and the last film of late veteran actress Reema Lagoo. Co-starring Mohan Joshi, Hrishikesh Joshi and Spruha Joshi, it talks about a very relatable issue of people wanting to sell their homes in Mumbai because it commands a premium price and settle in far-off suburbs in a bigger residence. The setting is very real and straight out of life and speaks about the problems faced by residents in age-old buildings – absence of elevators, piped natural gas, 24 hour water supply etc. The life of the couple is also well depicted and also their conversations with each other and the rest of the people in their lives. The film never goes on a high and yet, one looks forward to what’ll happen next. In the last 30-40 minutes however, the film gets too unconvincing and haphazard. A surprise development in the pre-climax is just too much. Reema Lagoo however gives a fabulous performance and it would have been great if she alive and she could have enjoyed the feedback for this performance. Mohan Joshi also does a great job and is quite moving in some scenes. Hrishikesh Joshi (also the director of the film) leaves a tremendous mark. Spruha Joshi is confident but her character is unconvincing. Sumeet Raghavan and Mrinal Kulkarni are fine. All in all, an average fare and can be avoided in cinemas!

My rating – ** ½ out of 5!

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