Beauty And The Beast is a grand musical and visually stunning fare but should have been 10-15 minutes shorter. Films like Moana, Tangled etc beautifully blended the songs with the narrative. But in case of Beauty And The Beast, some of them appeared forced. The rest of the songs however are a treat and make for a great watch. It transports one to another world which is very fascinating – be it Belle’s village or Beast’s castle. Emma Watson is quite stunning as the beautiful, well-read Belle while Dan Stevens too shines. The actors playing the various objects in the castle are quite a treat and also touch hearts in some of the emotional moments. The much-talked about ‘gay moment’ in the film is not even remotely controversial. It’s laughable that people are objecting to that particular scene. This one is a clean, family entertainer and yes, the 3D is really mindboggling. Go watch it in theatres!

My rating – *** ½ out of 5!

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