(Crisp) Movie Review: 3 STOREYS by FENIL SETA

3 Storeys is a well-made flick encompassing various characters and their stories. One of the best things about the film is how all the bits are seamlessly woven into the narrative. This is no easy task and kudos to director Arjun Mukerjee and writer Althea Kaushal-Delmas. There’s unpredictability in each principle story and that’s what makes the whole experience very exciting. However, few developments are a bit unconvincing. But the novel storyline and the execution make up for it. Also, the final scene is a winner – I don’t remember seeing anything like this in a long time! 3 Storeys also reminds us that Renuka Shahane, Sharman Joshi and Masumeh Makhija are great talents and ought to be seen more. Renuka Shahane comes out as a winner – her character has various shades and she is flawless. Sharman Joshi is genuine while Masumeh Makhija plays her difficult role with élan. In fact, this is Masumeh’s first film in almost ten years and it’s sad that such a fine talent had to stay off screen for so long. Pulkit Samrat gives a fine performance. In fact his story sets the mood wonderfully. Ankit Rathi (Sohail) and Aisha Ahmed (Malini) are lovely. Tarun Anand (Masumeh’s husband) is convincing. Saunskruti Kher (Suhana) and Sonal Jha (Malini’s mother) give able performances. Lastly, Richa Chadha (Leela) is the soul of the film. On the whole, this film should definitely be seen as it’s hatke but at the same time, very mainstream and commercial.

My rating – **** out of 5!

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