Fenil’s Bollywood Talk # 835


Last week’s Chandu Champion didn’t open to the desired numbers. The expectation was that it would open at around Rs. 7 crores. However, it had an opening of just Rs. 4.25 crores. Thankfully, it jumped to Rs. 6.75 crores on Saturday and Rs. 9.75 crores on Sunday. The Monday collections were a bit higher, due to the Bakri Eid holiday (Rs. 5 crores). On Tuesday, it dropped to Rs. 3 crores. The first week’s collections are expected to be around Rs. 34 crores.

Munjya meanwhile collected Rs. 35.77 crores in the first week and was rock steady on the second Friday. After collecting Rs. 3.50 crores on its eighth day, it collected Rs. 6.25 crores and Rs. 8 crores on Saturday and Sunday respectively. From Monday, it started collecting more than Chandu Champion. While it earned Rs. 5.25 crores on Monday, its Tuesday collections were Rs. 3.25 crores. The second week’s collections will be around Rs. 32 crores which is a feat as the first week’s collections were Rs. 35.77 crores. By collecting around Rs. 68 crores in two weeks, it now has the potential to cross the Rs. 100 crore mark.

This week’s big release is Ishq Vishk Rebound. As the name suggests, it is like the spiritual successor to Ishq Vishk. But it’s not a reboot or a continuation of the first part. It stars Rohit Saraf, Pashmina Roshan, Jibraan Khan and Naila Grrewal. Backed by Ramesh Taurani’s Tips Films, it is directed by Nipun Avinash Dharmadhikari. The film was shot way back in 2022.

The teaser and trailer are interesting. After a long time, there has been a film of this kind. Also, the music has caught attention. However, the buzz is limited. The star cast is also new and not that popular, although Rohit Saraf has a following among urban female audiences.

Yet, the opening won’t be much and would be under Rs. 3 crores. The makers and distributors, it seems, are aware and have given the film a tight release. The shows would be increased if there’s a demand. Also, following the footsteps of Munjya and Chandu Champion, the ticket prices on the release day are in the range of Rs. 150 – Rs. 200. Incidentally, the distributor of all three films is the same – Pen Marudhar.

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