(Crisp) Movie Review: INSIDE OUT 2 by FENIL SETA

Inside Out 2, as expected, is a complete entertainer and takes the story forward from the first part. This time, the makers further go wild with their imagination and it keeps the interest going. The introduction of new characters gives it a nice, realistic touch, especially Anxiety. The funny moments are aplenty and will be loved. On the flipside, the first part was epic and this film, in no way, reaches that level. Individually, the film is way better than many other films off late. But as a sequel to Inside Out, one of the greatest animation films ever, it falls short. Speaking of voiceovers, Amy Poehler (Joy) and Phyllis Smith (Sadness) are the best. Maya Hawke takes the cake as Anxiety and gets it just right. Kensington Tallman (Riley) is impressive. All in all, Inside Out 2 is a fine entertainer and a must-watch for the fans of the series.

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