(Crisp) Movie Review: TUMHARI SULU by FENIL SETA

Vidya Balan delivers her best performance after Kahaani in Tumhari Sulu. The slice-of-life drama has some lovely, touching moments and is extremely relatable. 5 years ago, English Vinglish made an interesting comment about housewives and Tumhari Sulu takes it forward, though in a more light-hearted manner. Sadly, this 140-minute duration film is too long, especially in the first half. It takes a lot more time for the build up and it’s only when Sulu turns into an RJ that the film picks up. The ambiguous finale is also a bit of a downer. Vidya however is terrific and she’s going to loved a lot for sure. It’s amazing how she doesn’t care about her weight and puts on such a great show with confidence and ease! Manav Kaul ably supports Vidya and gets to play such an interesting character. Vijay Maurya (Pankaj) rocks the show in the first half. Neha Dhupia is charming while Malishka Mendonsa is decent. Trumpti Khamkar (Ola Driver) leaves a huge mark. In fact, there are many supporting actors in the film who take the film on a high. I usually don’t admire remixes much but both Hawa Hawai 2.0 and Ban Ja Rani are too good and used very well in the film. Do give this film a chance – it’s a genuine effort!

My rating – *** out of 5!

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