Fastey Fasaatey is a classic example of how not to make a film. It’s when you see such flicks that you began to respect films like Housefull, Ready etc even more. The premise is very poor but if it was given to filmmakers like Anees Bazmee, Sajid Khan, Priyadarshan, David Dhawan etc, they could have still made it into a fine comic caper. But in the case of Fastey Fasaatey, the makers get it completely wrong. The protagonist spins a web of lies which is foolish and then the makers take it forward in the most awkward manner. The jokes and gags just don’t work and the fact that the makers had to rely on toilet humour and double meaning sentences shows that the writing is lazy and unimaginative. What helps is that the lead protagonists are sincere. Karishma Sharma is quite stunning and has a fine screen presence. Performance-wise, she is alright and can score if she does better films. Arpit Chaudhary is decent and is sadly made to mouth some poor dialogues. Nachiket Narvekar is confident and has a nice comic timing. All in all, Fastey Fasaatey, is true to it’s title, and it’s advisable not to fall into this ‘trap’!

My rating – ½ out of 5!

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