(Crisp) Movie Review: 1921 by FENIL SETA

1921 offers nothing new in terms of horror. One has seen it all, in Vikram Bhatt’s own films. A film like this might have had an impact a decade ago. But now, with the success of dubbed versions of Hollywood scare fests like The Conjuring, Annabelle etc, even masses, the target audience of 1921, knows how scary films have evolved. But 1921 still relies on age-old tactics. The storyline is intriguing initially especially when a twist in the tale occurs just before the intermission. But then the plot turns out to be very complicated and that’s a downer. What works are the performances, the old world charm and few scenes here and there, apart from the fact that the film keeps audiences glued to its seats till the end. Zareen Khan surprisingly does well. Karan Kundrra goes over the top. Thumbs down!

My rating – ** out of 5!

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