Shanivaar Ko Do Baje is a short film starring Nayani Dixit (of Queen, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, Special 26, Siyasat fame) and experienced actor Parimal Aloke, who has also directed the flick. The 32 minute short film focuses on an extra marital affair between two people and is set in just one house and one setting. The film is made in low budget conditions which can be seen by the fact that the door locks and grill shown aren’t reminiscent of the 80s wherein the film is based. But the film gets several aspects right as well in this regard – the mention of six-digit telephone numbers and that English films start only after the interval. The story is based on the play by the same name by eminent Hindi author Surendra Verma and it’s quite interesting. The dialogues are also quite authentic and have the ‘mitti ki khushboo’ element! The characters are well etched but one wishes if the narrative had not dragged at certain places. Talking of performances, Nayani Dixit as expected is brilliant and proves her worth yet again. Parimal Aloke’s dialogue delivery is first-rate and overall gives a great performance. His direction is simple and neat. Overall, a fine attempt and do give this short film a chance if it’s playing near you!

My rating – *** ½ out of 5!

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