(Crisp) Movie Review: MURAMBA by FENIL SETA

After watching a spate of bad films since the last 2 weeks, it was a pleasure to watch the Marathi film Muramba. It’s a beautifully made flick based on a very simple idea. Varun Narvekar’s direction is exemplary and what also helps is that he has a great script in hand (written by Varun himself). The film is mostly set in just one (beautiful) house but never gives the ‘aisa-lag-raha-hai-ki-kisi-play-mein-se-uthaya-hai’ feeling. The use of slow motion, non-linear narrative etc further adds to the charm. Dialogues are simple but so funny and sharp that it enhances several sequences. Also, the way the idea of generation gap, modern day lifestyle & fears etc is tackled in the film is praiseworthy. All four lead actors do very well. Amey Wagh is terrific as the irritated, just-broken up, confused guy. Sachin Khedekar is highly adorable – the film might not have been as good without him. Newcomer Mithila Palkar makes a confident debut and although her screen time is limited, she leaves a strong mark. Chinmayee Sumeet delivers a wonderful performance and portrays a lovely character. Do watch Muramba if it has released it in your city – it is as sweet as its title!

My rating – **** out of 5!

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